Clinical course and local treatment of purulent–necrotic complications in diabetic foot syndrome

  • V. I. Liakhovskyy Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
  • O. G. Krasnov Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
  • O. M. Liulka Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
  • I. I. Niemchenko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
  • O. O. Kyzymenko Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
Keywords: diabetic foot syndrome, purulent–necrotic complications, local treatment, VAC–therapy


Clinical, bacteriological, cytological features of wound process have been analyzed in 58 patients with diabetic foot syndrome and purulent–necrotic complications. The efficacy of VAC–therapy has been established.


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Liakhovskyy, V. I., Krasnov, O. G., Liulka, O. M., Niemchenko, I. I., & Kyzymenko, O. O. (2017). Clinical course and local treatment of purulent–necrotic complications in diabetic foot syndrome. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia, (8), 45-47.
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