Algorithm of anestesiological assistance in case of unforeseen “difficult” laryngoscopy in elective surgery

  • A. I. Mohylnyk Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
  • M. I. Kravtsiv Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
  • V. I. Liakhovskyy Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy
Keywords: “difficult” laryngoscopy, tracheal intubation, laryngeal mask, complications


We analyzed the results of “difficult” laryngoscopy during elective surgery. The rate of successful attempts of adequate ventilation restoration through tracheal intubation (TI), laryngeal mask (LM) as well as complications rate and reason were studied. Effectiveness of repeated attempts of TI decreases progressively. Effectiveness of futher LM application is minimal due to the complications of repeated TI attempts. When alternative algorithm was applied, the effectiveness achieved 94.6%, with almost no complications. Clinical protocol of medical aid in planned anesthesiology is less effective and has a higher complication rate comparing to the only attempt of TI with further application of LM.


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Mohylnyk, A. I., Kravtsiv, M. I., & Liakhovskyy, V. I. (2017). Algorithm of anestesiological assistance in case of unforeseen “difficult” laryngoscopy in elective surgery. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia, (8), 62-64.
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