The results of surgical treatment using spondilodesis on the cervical spine level

  • I. D. Garaiev Azerbaijan Medical University
Keywords: vertebral channel, cervical spine, hernia of intervertebral disk, spondilodesis


Surgical treatment of patients for hernia of intervertebral disk (HIVD) of the cervical spine is the optimal and most efficient method. Autotransplantat from iliac crest during HIVD surgery provides high efficiency and low disability. We analyzed the results of surgical treatment of 50 patients with HIVD from the year 2009 to 2015. As a result of decompression and interbody stabilization the volume of vertebral channel and the height of the intervertebral disc were restored. Complete or significant regression of neurological symptoms was achieved within 3–4 days post–operation. The bone block of the operated segment was formed on the average of 7 months. No purulent–inflammatory complications were registered.


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