Total hip replacement in patients with posttraumatic coxarthrosis

  • V. A. Filipenko Sitenko Institute of Vertebral Pathology
  • S. Ye. Bondarenko Sitenko Institute of Vertebral Pathology
  • A. I. Zhygun Sitenko Institute of Vertebral Pathology
  • O. P. Marushchak Sitenko Institute of Vertebral Pathology
Keywords: posttraumatic coxarthrosis, defect, acetabulum, endoprosthesis


Differentiated approach to the total hip replacement surgery was used in 29 patients with posttraumatic coxarthrosis. Follow–up period lasted for 3.5 years. Mean Harris Hip Score increased from 35 to 87. Radiological signs of endoprosthesis instability were not registered. The results suggest that restoration of the centre of rotation of the hip joint after the acetabulum wall reconstruction taking into consideration the type of the defect and putting the endoprosthetic cup to the place of acetabulum, using of the “press–fit” fixation cups and of the heads of big diameter allowed to decrease the complication rate and to achieve positive results of the hip replacement.


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