• І. D. Duzhyi Sumy State University, Меdical Institute
  • V. Yu. Dubnytskyi Kharkiv Education-Scientific Institute «University of the Bank Business»
  • V. І. Duzhyi Zhukovskyi NationalAero-SpaceUniversity «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»
  • V. О. Babych Оkhtyrka Central Regional Hospital
  • І. Ya. Gresko Sumy State University, Меdical Institute
  • V. V. Gorbasyov Glukhiv Central Regional Hospital
  • N. І. Sereda Glukhiv Central Regional Hospital
  • V. V. Shumko Sumy State University, Меdical Institute
  • S. V. Kharchenko Sumy State University, Меdical Institute
Keywords: acute appendicitis, incidence, demographic changes, prognosis


Introduction. An acute appendicitis constitutes a mostly spread surgical disease. Detailed description of general incidence, depending on administrative-territorial division of Ukraine and demographic component, is an actual task for organization of qualified medical aid.

Objective. Comparison of incidence for an acute appendicitis in population of two regions of Ukraine, taking into account a demographic fall and monthly statistics.

Маterials and methods. The patients, operated for an acute appendicitis in 2012-2016 yrs, were included in the investigation. Statistical sampling of population was made, basing on data of the State Statistical Service of Ukraine.

Results. Trustworthily significant correlation connection between quantity of population and incidence for an acute appendicitis was not established (r = 0.15, p> 0.05). With statistical probability the incidence of the disease in Glukhiv Region is expedient in range from 2 tо 2.7 on 10 000 of population (р < 0.05), and in Okhtyrka Region – twice as many - from 4.4 tо 5.5 on 10 000 of population (р < 0.05).

Conclusion. Not depending on the population reduction in the Ukraine provinces investigated, the incidence is not connected with this fall, necessitating support for organizational readiness of Surgical Service. Epidemiological contrast in different provinces revealed serves for further investigation and analysis of the issue.


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