New systemic approaches in treatment of coexistent damages of abdomen and extremities

Keywords: severe combined trauma; injuries of extremities; abdominal injuries; lethakity


Objective. Lowering of disability and lethality among patients with severe combined traumas (SCT) of abdomen and extremities, using a new progressive tactics of treatment.

Маterials and methods. Retrospective and prospective analysis of data concerning 1033 patients with SCT, who were treated in 2009 - 2015 yrs in Municipal Clinical Hospital N 3 of City of Baku, was conducted. Aiming at conduction of comparative analysis of the treatment methods the patients were divided into two groups. The patients, who were treated in 2009 - 2010 yrs in accordance to standard scheme, have constituted a comparison group, while those, to whom the treatment was conducted in 2011 - 2015 yrs in accordance to principally new scheme, - a main group. In total there were 216 patients, suffering SCT, of them 171 were included into the main group, and 45 – into comparison group. The severity degree of the injuries in patients of the main group was estimated in accordance to AİS (Abbreviated İnjury Scale) and İSS (İnjury Severity Scale) scales and to them a medical help was given, taking into account a «damage control» principle.

Results. In 52.1% patients of the main group with SCT of abdomen and extremities, who were treated, taking into account  a «damage control» principle and with application of a programmed multistaged surgical tactic (МST), in subcompensation of traumatic disease a lethality have constituted 16%, in a comparison group – 44.4%, and in a decompensation – accordingly, 51.6 and 89.7%.

Conclusion. The results obtained with МST in SCT of abdomen and extremities trusts its obvious advantages.

Author Biography

F. I. Ibrahimov, Аzerbaijani State Institute for the Physician Improvement named after А. Аliyev, Municipal Clinical Hospital N 3, Baku

İbrahimov F.I.

Sity Clinical Hospital № 3

Heat Department of  Traumatology and Orthopedics

Az 1034Azerbaijan.  Baku, A.Mammedaliyev str., 20

+994 50 328 1030

е-mail: 0000-0002-8324-382X


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