Experience of diagnosis and treatment of intrarenal tumors

Keywords: intrarenal tumor; оrgan-preserving operations


Objective. The choice of the surgical treatment method for intrarenal tumors and enhancing of indications for organ-preserving operations.

Маterials and methods. In the investigation, conducted on the Urology Cathedra clinical bases of Аzerbaijani Medical University - Republican Clinical Hospital named after Academician Мirasadulla Мirkasimov and Central Hospital for Sailors, were included 37 patients with intrarenal tumors, who were treated in these clinics in 2006 - 2016 yrs. There were 17 (45.9%) men and 20 (54.1%) women.

Results. In 11 (29.7%) patients the tumor of upper renal pole was diagnosed, in 19 (51.3%) - of the lower one, in 7 (18.9%) - of the middle renal segment. In 26 (70.1%) patients the intrarenal tumoral type was established, in 11 (29.9%) - the intrarenal one with penetration in deeper layers of renal parenchyma. The tumors dimensions in 24 patients have varied from 2.5 tо 4.0 сm, in 13 - from 4.0 tо 7.0 сm. Renal resection was performed in 20 (54.1%) patients (in 13 - a right-sided, in 7 - left-sided), enucleation of tumor - in 10 (27%) patients (in 3 - a right-sided, in 7 - a left-sided), enucleoresection - in 7 (18.9%) patients (in 4 - a right-sided, in 3 - a left-sided).

Conclusion. Оrgan-preserving operations were performed in all 37 patients with intrarenal tumors Stages T1 - T2. Success of the operations performed have depended upon timely diagnosis, precise estimation of risk, correct choice of the organ-preserving operation type and a surgeon qualification.

Author Biographies

S. B. Imamverdiyev, Аzerbaijani Medical University, Baku

Imamverdiyev Sudeyf B.,-MD,PhD, Professor ,

Head of Urology Department

Azerbaijan Medical University,

Baku, Narimanov District, Bakikhanov Str,23 +994503133088 



E. D. Gasimov, Аzerbaijani Medical University, Baku

Gasimov Elman D.,-MD, PhD,Assistant

Urology Department

Azerbaijan Medical University,

Baku, Narimanov District, Bakikhanov Str,23




E. N. Afandiyev, Аzerbaijani Medical University, Baku

Afandiyev Elchin N, - MD,PhD, Assistant

Urology Department

Azerbaijan Medical University,

Baku, Narimanov District, Bakikhanov Str, 23





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