Investigation of functional hepatic tests in operated patients with obesity

Keywords: liver; оbesity; minimal hepatoencephalopathy


Objective. To study up a connection between indices of the functional hepatic tests and  the body mass index (BMI) in patients after the operation.

Маterials and methods. In 59 оperated patients a BMI was calculated, as well as biochemical hepatic tests: activity of alaninaminotransferase (AlAT) in the blood serum, aspartataminotransferase (АsAТ), γ-glutamintransferase (γ-GТ) and a general bilirubin content. Basing on the BMI indices, all the patients were divided into three groups. Into Group I 30 patients were included with BMI 18.5 - 24.9 kg/m2, into Group II - 20 patients with excessive body mass, the BMI values 25.0 - 29.9 9 kg/m2, and into Group III - 9 patients with obesity, the BMI values more than 30 9 kg/m2. The blood serum activity of AlAT, AsAT, γ-GТ, alkaline phosphatase, indices of bilirubin, international normalized ratio and C-reactive protein were determined in accordnce to standard mrthods. In all the patients the data of hepatic function testing were analyzed before the operation and in 1, 3, 5 days after the operation.

Results. In Groups I and II the values of АlAТ, АsAТ and γ-GТ were in borders of normal range. The changes were observed on the first and third postoperative day in Group III.

Average activity (±SD) of the blood serum АlaТ and АsAТ in Group I have constituted (25.7 ± 9.8) and (24.9 ± 7.8) U/L (p < 0.01), in Group II - (32.5 ± 9.1) and (25.2 ± 7.1) U/L (p < 0.01), in Group III - (46.2 ± 13.5) and (31.9 ± 10.6) U/L (p < 0.01).

Conclusion. In high BMI in patients, who had hepatic fatty degeneration, a hepatic enzymes activity was raised significantly, comparing with patients who had not hepatic fatty degeneration. Raised activity of hepatic enzymes in the blood serum was connected with high BMI. That’s why a high rate of hepatic fatty degeneration is observed in patients with raised BMI.

Author Biographies

A. A. Ibrahimova, Azerbaijani Medical University, Baku

Ibrahimova A.A. - Op. Dr., Ph.D.

Student  of the Department of Surgical Diseases I

Azerbaijan Medical University

N. Yu. Bayramov, Azerbaijani Medical University, Baku

Bayramov N.Y. -    Prof. Dr.,

Chair of the Department of Surgical Diseases I

Azerbaijan Medical University

A. M. Rustam, Azerbaijani Medical University, Baku

Rustam A.M. - Dos. Dr., Dosent

Department of Surgical Diseases I

Azerbaijan Medical University


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