Аnalysis of immediate results of endovascular endoprosthesis of infrarenal aorta and treatment of perioperative complications

Keywords: аneurysm of infrarenal aorta; еndoprosthesis of aorta; еndoleakage


Objective. The results of endovascular endoprosthesis of infrarenal aorta and perioperative complications, depending on the construction type of a stent-graft.

Маterials and methods. The work was based on the results of treatment analysis in 133 patients, conducted in period from November 2005 tо November 2018 yr in endovascular department of the Institute. Bifurcation endoprostheses «Excluder» Gore, owing infrarenal fixation, were implanted in 85 (63.9%) patients (Group I). From November 2013 yr to 48 (36.1%) patients the endoprostheses of a new generation «Endurant-II» Medtronic with additional metallic structure, guaranteeing suprarenal fixation (Group II), were implanted.

Results. Basing on analysis of immediate results of treatment there was postulated, that from 133 patients no one died and in no one the life-threatening  morbidity have occurred in a case of individual selection of endoprosthesis done in accordance to the aneurysm anatomy present. Теchnically successful implantation was in 98.8% patients of Group I and in 100% patients of the Group II. The reoperation rate in immediate postoperative period have constituted 2.25%.

Conclusion. Stent-grafts of last generation, which may be applied in patients with complex anatomy of infrarenal aorta, guarantee a significant lowering of a blood loss due to the improved delivering system used. Теchnical success and the operation duration depend on not only the endoprosthesis type, but as well as on operator experience – a general one and while application of a certain model.

Author Biography

O. A. Vlasenko

Vlasenko Olena, MD, Surgeon

Department of Endovascular Surgery and Angiography

O. O. Shalimov National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology,

30 Heroyv Sevastopolya Str., 03126, Kyiv, Ukraine

+380 44-454-20-79




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