Ultrastructural adaptation of mucosa of orthotopic ileal bladder in the late period dynamics in experiment

Keywords: оrthotopic bladder; ultrastructural changes; аdaptation


Objective. To estimate the changes in ultrastructure of mucosa in artificially created orthotopic bladder in 12 mo after іleocystoplasty in experiment on a dwarf pigs.

Маterials and methods. Еxperimental investigations were conducted on 18 female dwarf pigs ageing 4 – 15 mo, in whom cystectomy was performed with artificially created orthotopic bladder, using ileocystoplasty.

Results. In mucosal ultrastructure of the artificially created bladder under durable influence  of urine the columnar cells in epithelial layer gradually  transform into cells of another type, which are structurally close to the bladder epithelium, adjusted for performance of its full-fledged function. Own mucous plate have had destructive changes predominantly in cellular elements, in some portions fibrous structures prevailed over cellular.

Conclusion. Changes in ultrastructure of mucosa of artificially created bladder in 12 mo after іleocystoplasty witness about its complete transformation and adaptation with elements of evolution and adaptation to new conditions of functioning.

Author Biographies

R. V. Savchuk, Оdessa National Medical University

Savchuk Ruslan Valeriiovych, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Department of urology and nephrology,
Odessa National Medical University
Ukraine, Odesa, st. Malinovsky 61a, 65074.

F. I. Kostyev, Оdessa National Medical University

Kostyev Fedir Ivanovich – MD, PhD
Head of Department of urology and nephrology,
Odessa National Medical University,
Ukraine, Odesa, st. Malinovsky 61a, 65074.

N. I. Molchanyuk, Filatov Іnstitute of Ophthalmological Diseases and the Tissue Therapy, Оdessa

Molchanyuk Natalia Ivanovna. – Ph.D.
senior researcher of the group of electron microscopy of pathoanatomical and electron microscopic research “The Filatov institute of eye diseases and tissue therapy of the National Academy of medical sciences of Ukraine”
Ukraine, Odessa, French boulevard, 49/51, 65000
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3666-0126

Yu. M. Dekhtiar, Оdessa National Medical University

Dekhtiar Yurii Mykolaiovych – PhD, Associate Professor
Department of urology and nephrology,
Odessa National Medical University
Ukraine, Odesa, st. Malinovsky 61a, 65074.
ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0256-9279

S. V. Golovko, National Military-Medical Clinical Centre «Сentral Military Clinical Hospital», Kyiv

Sergii Golovko - MD
National Military Medical Clinical Center,
Chief of urological department,
Address 16 Hospitalna Str., 02000, Kyiv, Ukraine,
tel.: 044 -521- 84-13
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9479-2675


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Savchuk, R. V., Kostyev, F. I., Molchanyuk, N. I., Dekhtiar, Y. M., & Golovko, S. V. (2019). Ultrastructural adaptation of mucosa of orthotopic ileal bladder in the late period dynamics in experiment. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia, 86(2), 70-73. https://doi.org/10.26779/2522-1396.2019.02.70
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