Perspectives of application of the fibrin matrix, enhanced by thrombocytes, in neuroregenerative surgery


Perspectives of application of the fibrin matrix, enhanced by thrombocytes, in neuroregenerative surgery

Author Biographies

V. I. Tsymbalyuk, Institute of Neurosurgery named after А. P. Romodanov NAMS of Ukraine, Kyiv

Tsymbalyuk Vitaly Ivanovich, MD, DSci(Med), Professor,
Chief Researcher of the Department of Reconstructive and Functional Neurosurgery
Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
32, Platona Mayborody St., Kiev, 04050 Ukraine.
Phone: +380 44 483 95 73.

I. G. Vasylieva, Institute of Neurosurgery named after А. P. Romodanov NAMS of Ukraine, Kyiv

Vasylieva Iryna Georgievna, PhD(Biol)
Head of Department of Neurobiochemistry
Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute
32, Platona Mayborody St., Kiev, 04050 Ukraine.
Phone: +380 44 483 95 73


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