Тransanal endoscopic operations in rectal tumors

Keywords: cancer recti; sentinel lymphatic nodes; еndoscopic resection


Objective. To improve diagnosis and results of treatment in patients, suffering rectal tumors, using transanal endoscopic microsurgery and studying of sentinel lymphatic nodes.

 Маterials and methods. In 2009 – 2017 yrs in the Clinic transanal endoscopic operations were performed in 115 patients, ageing 29 – 82 yrs old. Tubulo–villous rectal adenoma was in 92 patients, of them in 26 histological investigation of the tumors excised have revealed malignization (TisN0M0). In 23 patients early cancer recti Т1–2N0M0 was revealed preoperatively.

Results. During follow–up 12 – 60 mo the recurrence was revealed in 2 (2.2%) patients, suffering adenoma, and in 3 (13%) – suffering cancer recti. Recurrence of cancer have occurred in patients, who rejected conduction of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Conclusion. Іdentification and precise investigation of sentinel lymphatic nodes in patients, suffering cancer recti makes possible a trustworthy (sensitivity=0.89, specificity=0.99) estimation of the disease and application of adequate scheme of combined and complex treatment of the patient.

Author Biographies

V. V. Grubnik, Оdessa National Medical University

Grubnik Vladimir Vladimirovich
the professor Dr. med.,
Head of the Department of Surgery # 1 at ONMedU
Odessa, st, Zabolotnogo, 32 65082
750-01-15. algrub@i.ua

R. P. Nikitenko, Оdessa National Medical University

Raisa Nikitenko - assistant department of Surgery №1, Odessa National Medical University
m. Odesa, Valіhovskyprovulok 2
65082. 0962363303

S. P. Degtyarenko, Оdessa National Medical University

Degtyarenko Sergey Petrovich,
Assistant of the Department of Surgery №1
Odessa National Medical University
m. Odesa, Valіhovskyprovulok 2
65082. torser77@gmail.com

V. V. Grubnik, Оdessa National Medical University

Grubnik Viktor Vladimirovich.
graduate student of the department of surgery №1
Odessa National Medical University
m. Odesa, Valіhovskyprovulok 2


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