Complications and unwanted events during operation of arthroplasty of a hip joint in conditions of regional anesthesia

Keywords: аrthroplasty of a hip joint; regional anesthesia; complications


Objective. Аnalysis of complications and effects of regional anesthesia while doing arthroplasty of a hip joint.

Маterials and methods. In 346 patients, in whom arthroplasty of a hip joint was performed in conditions of various methods of regional anesthesia,intraoperative unwanted effects and events were analyzed. Middle age of the patients have constituted (63.17 ± 12.26) yrs old.

Results. Most time–consuming procedure have appeared a performance of caudal blockade with paravertebral catheterization – (12 ± 2) min. Incidental puncture of vessels was registered while doing the nerves blockade (7% of observations) and caudal blockade with paravertebral blockade (6%). Necessity to change the needle marsh rut have occurred while performance of a psoas–compartment block (22% of observations) and caudal blockade (19%). Analgesia have appeared insufficient most frequently in patients, in whom the nerves blockade was performed (22%). Additional administration of opioids have leaded to the respiration inhibition in 16% patients of this group. Disorders of hemodynamics (аrrhythmia and hypotension) most frequently have occurred in patients, in whom spinal anesthesia was applied. All groups of the patients did not differ statistically significantly in aspects of rate of nausea and vomiting, аs well as tremor.

Conclusion. Blockades of peripheral nerves in aspect of hemodynamics in the patient is safer, than a neuraxial one. They are also less effective and more laborious.

Author Biography

V. I. Kolomachenko, Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkiv Regional Clinical Traumatological Hospital

Vitaliy Ivanovich Kolomachenko, PhD
Assistant professor of the Department of Traumatology, Anaesthesiology and Military Surgery
Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education,
248a Saltovskoe Highway Street, ap.146, 61171, Kharkiv, Ukraine,


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