«White spleen» in hairy cell leukemia


«White spleen» in hairy cell leukemia


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Author Biographies

V. M. Milosavljević, General Hospital Stefan Visoki, Smederevska Palanka

Milosavljevic M Vladimir, Teaching assistant M.D.

B. S. Tadić, Clinic for Digestive Surgery of the CCS– First Surgical Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Tadic S Boris, Teaching assistant M.D.

N. M. Grubor, Clinic for Digestive Surgery of the CCS– First Surgical Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Grubor M Nikola, Teaching assistant M.D.

S. V. Matić, Clinic for Digestive Surgery of the CCS– First Surgical Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Slavko V Matic Profesor of surgery M.D.

M. M. Reljić, Clinic for Digestive Surgery of the CCS– First Surgical Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

Milorad M Reljić, M.D.

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