Estimation of functional renal reserve after renal resection in patients with reno-cellular cancer in the groups of various age

Keywords: renal cancer; functional renal reserve; reno-cellular cancer; nephrectomy; renal resection; radical nephrectomy


Objective. To estimate a functional renal reserve (FRR) in patients on early stages of reno-cellular cancer (RCC) in various age groups and its changes in postoperative period.

Materials and methods. In the investigation 49 patients, suffering RCC Stages T1N0M0, G1 - G3, histological subtype of RCC - clear-cellular cancer, took part. In all the patients the signs of urinal syndrome were revealed and renal resection accomplished. Into the Group I 9 patients were included, ageing 25 - 43 yrs old, the average age have constituted (34 ± 2.3) yrs; and into the Group II - 17 patients, ageing 44-59 yrs old, the average age have constituted (50 ± 1.3) yrs old; into the Group III - 23 patients, ageing 60 - 74 yrs old, average age have constituted (67 ± 2.1) yrs. The glomerular filtration rate in all the patients have equaled or exceeded 90 ml/min/1.73 m2.

Results. In 1mo after conduction of surgical treatment an average value of FRR in patients of the Group I have constituted (13.60 ± 1.24)%, while in the Group II - (8.70 ± 0.21)%. In 12 mo after conduction of surgical treatment the average value of FRR have constituted (3.22 ± 1.16)%.

Conclusion. In the patients, suffering RCC and ageing 25 - 43 yrs old, FRR was preserved. Renal resection in patients of this age group do not lead to lowering of FRR during 12 mo of observation. In the patients, suffering RCC and ageing 44 - 59 yrs old FRR is preserved also. After renal resection in patients of this age group during 12 mo of observation the FRR lowering occurs. In the patients, suffering RCC and ageing 60 - 75 yrs old FRR is lowered. After renal resection the patients of this age group during 12 mo losses FRR.

Author Biography

S. M. Pasichnyk, Danylo Galytskyi Lviv National Medical University

Pasichnyk S. - MD, PhD (Med), Associate Professor
Department of Urology
Danylo Galytsky Lviv National Medical University,
69 Pekarska str. 79010 Ukraine
+38 (032) 275-76-32


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