The structure of ambulatory operative interventions and application of international experience while making a reform of surgical service in Ukraine

Keywords: reforming; mbulatory surgery; complications; secondary chain


Objective. To study the operative interventions structure in ambulatory conditions, possibility of their widening and reformation of ambulatory surgical service using international experience.

Materials and methods. There was conducted calculation and a characteristic given of ambulatory operative interventions, performed in polyclinic in 1999 - 2017 yrs, and possible ways of reforming of surgical service, including the ambulatory one, were determined. There were observed 1863 operated patients - women and men ageing 31 - 86 years old. Average duration of disability was 12,6 days.

Results. Miniinvasive operative interventions performance make it possible to reduce the stationary stay, i. e. to enhance the hospital bed turnover.

Conclusion. Taking into account, that the hospitals’ consulting-diagnostic centres and stationaries, which have occurred as a result of reforming in branch of the health care in Ukraine,  constitutes a secondary chain of medical help. Clinically and economically it is expedient to include them into the hospitals, what was mentioned by The Order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, dated by 05.10.2011 yr. № 646. The presence of departments of miniinvasive surgery in the hospitals structure give possibility to use the hospital beds fund more rationally, to reduce the administrative apparatus, shortening by this way the state economic expanses significantly.

Author Biography

N. P. Korzhyk, Consultation-Diagnostic Centre of Shevchenkivskyi region of Kyiv

Korzhyk Natalia Petrivna
Medical Science Degree) surgeon, Consultative-diagnostic Centre of Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv, subsidiary № 2
01601 Saksaganskogo, 100, Kyiv, Ukrainian 484-08-97, 38-063-522-90-70


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