Possibilities of roentgenendovascular interventions in massive arosive hemorrhage on background of acute destructive pancreatitis

Keywords: acute destructive pancreatitis; roentgenendovascular interventions; arrosive hemorrhage.


Objective. To estimate the efficacy of roentgenendovascular interventions in massive arosive hemorrhage in patients with an acute destructive pancreatitis.

Materials and metods. Roentgenendovascular interventions were performed in 9 patients, in whom massive arosive hemorrhage as complication of acute destructive pancreatitis have occurred.

Results. In immediate term the hemorrhage have finished in all 9 (100%) patients. On the second day in 2 patients, to whom embolization of a. hepatis propria was performed, the hemorrhage recurrence have occurred. Secondary angiography and the embolizations attemps were not effective, both women-patients died. In the patients, in whom embolization of pancreatico-duodenal and splenic arteries was done, the hemorrhage did not recurred. Thus, we obtained good results - of 9 patients 7 (77.8%) were curated, not depending on their status severity and unfavorable prognosis.

Conclusion. Following a tactics adduced in treatment of hemorrhage in acute destructive pancreatitis it have demonstrated a high efficacy, especially in superselective embolization with the hemorrhage origin revealing.

Author Biographies

V. V. Grubnik, Odessa National Medical University

GrubnikVladimir V. - MD,DSci(Med),professor,
ChairoftheDepartmentofSurgery No.1
Odessa, Zabolotnogostr. 26/32,
+38 (048) 750-01-16,

O. M. Zahorodniuk, Odessa National Medical University

Zahorodniuk Oleh M.- MD, PhD, assistant
Department of Surgery No.1
Odessa National Medical University,
Zabolotnogostr. 26/32,
+38 (048) 750-01-16,

Ye. A. Koichev, Odessa National Medical University

KoichevYevhenii A.-MD,PhD, assistant
DepartmentofSurgery No.1
Zabolotnogostr. 26/32,
+38 (048) 750-01-16,

M. M. Chernov, Odessa National Medical University

Chernov Mykola M. -MD, assistant
Department of Surgery No.1
Odessa National Medical University,
Zabolotnogostr. 26/32,
+38 (048) 750-01-16,


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Grubnik, V. V., Zahorodniuk, O. M., Koichev, Y. A., & Chernov, M. M. (2020). Possibilities of roentgenendovascular interventions in massive arosive hemorrhage on background of acute destructive pancreatitis. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia, 87(5-6), 46-49. https://doi.org/10.26779/2522-1396.2020.5-6.46
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