Complicated intestinal anastomoses: the risk factors, preventive measures


Complicated intestinal anastomoses: the risk factors, preventive measures

Author Biographies

O. I. Tkachenko, Odessa National Medical University

Tkachenko Oleksandr Ivanovych; MD, DSci(Med), professor;
Head of Department of Surgery N4 with a Course on Oncology;
Odessa National Medical University; Ukraine

V. E. Maksymovskyj, Odessa National Medical University

Maksymovskyj Viacheslav Yevgenovych; MD, PhD
Assistant of Department of Surgery N4 with a Course on Oncology;
Odessa National Medical University;
Valikhovsky Lane 2, Odessa, 65028, Ukraine

V. V. Pyrogov, Odessa National Medical University

Pyrogov Vadym Vyacheslavovych; MD, Graduate student
Department of Surgery N4 with a Course on Oncology; MBBS; Ukraine
Valikhovsky Lane 2, Odessa, 65028, Ukraine


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