The contact ureterolithotripsy in treatment of ureterolythiasis

Keywords: urolithiasis disease; ureterolithiasis; treatment; ureteroscopy.


Objective. Аnalysis of the treatment results in patients, suffering ureteric calculi, using the contact ureterolithotripsy procedure.

Маterials and methods. In 104 patients with ureteric calculi, in whom ureteroscopy with further laser contact ureterolithotripsy was conducted, symptoms of the disease were analyzed, as well as the diagnostic methods value, peculiarities and efficacy of surgical treatment.

Results. In all the patients endoscopic extraction of calculi have been succeeded. Calculus does not cause significant macroscopic changes in ureter, if symptoms, characteristic for ureterolithiasis, persists up to one week. Local edema is formed, if a calculus persists in ureter longer than a week. Long-term (more than two months) local ureteric persistence of calculi enhances the risk of its intramucosal intraureteric «ingrowth» greatly.

Conclusion. The contact ureterolithotripsy constitutes a highly effective and miniinvasive method of surgical intervention in ureterolithiasis, guaranteeing high level of postoperative “stone free rate”. Prolongation of the calculi ureteric insertion time without a process of a stone discharge causes the ureteric wall changes, complicating performance of miniinvasive interventions (the contact ureterolithotripsy and a distant shock-wave lithotripsy).

Author Biography

О. S. Vozianov, Іnstitute of Urology, Kyiv

Vozianov Oleksandr Sergiyovich, MD, Junior Scientific Researcher,
Department of Еndourology and Lithotripsy
Institute of Urology, Kyiv, Ukraine
9-a Vladimir Vinnichenko str., 04053, Kyiv, Ukraine.
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0981-4807


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