Impact of adjuvant intrabladder therapy on quality of life in patients, suffering musculo-noninvasive cancer of the bladder

Keywords: musculo-noninvasive cancer of the bladder; intrabladder hyperthermic chemotherapy; іmmunotherapy, using BCG vaccine.


Objective. Comparative estimation of quality of life in patients with a high-risk musculo-noninvasive cancer of the bladder was accomplished while conduction of adjuvant intrabladder hyperthermic chemotherapy and immunotherapy with BCG vaccine.

Маterials and methods. Depending on kind of treatment, the patients were distributed into two groups: Group I - 44 patients, to whom adjuvant intrabladder immunotherapy with BCG vaccine was applied, and Group II - 41 patients, to whom intrabladder chemotherapy was conducted, using the system for local hyperthermy Combat BRS.

Results. The data from the patients interviewed, using EORTC QLQ-30 questionnaires, confirmed better quality of life in patients of Group II, who obtained intrabladder hyperthermic chemotherapy, peculiarly in accordance to indices of physical status, social adaptation and intoxication. In accordance to data of the patients’ interviewed with the help of FACT-BL questionnaire, also better results were obtained in patients of Group II in accordance to the social and functional well-being status, the urination quality and values of indices of the «Cancer of the Bladder» scale.

Conclusion. Higher quality of life was noted in patients of Group II, who obtained intrabladder hyperthermic chemotherapy. The lower quality of life in patients of Group I, who obtained immunotherapy with BCG vaccine, was connected with multiple side effects and enhanced toxicity of this therapy, accordingly.

Author Biographies

F. І. Коstyev, Оdessa National Medical University

Kostyev Fedir I., MD, DSci (Med), Professor,
Head of Department of urology and nephrology,
Odessa National Medical University,
2 Valihovskiy Ln.,65082,Odessa,Ukraine

О. V. Bondar, Оdessa National Medical University

Bondar Oleksandr V., MD, PhD (Med), Associate Professor,
Head of oncology course,
Odessa National Medical University,
2 Valihovskiy Ln., 65082, Odessa, Ukraine.

R. S. Chystiakov, Оdessa National Medical University

Chystiakov Roman S., MD, Assistant Professor
Department of radiation diagnostic, therapy and oncology,
Odessa National Medical University,
2 Valihovskiy Ln., 65082, Odessa, Ukraine.

V. V. Lysenko, Оdessa National Medical University

Lysenko Viktoria V., MD, PhD (Med),
Head of the Department of endoscopic and oncological surgery,
Odessa National Medical University,
9 Pastera str., 65009, Odessa, Ukraine.


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