Tactics of treatment of the inflow varico-thrombophlebitis

Keywords: the inflow thrombophlebitis; large subcutaneous vein; scleroobliteration; phlebocentesis.


Objective. To substantiate the indications for surgical treatment of the inflow thrombophlebitis, depending on state of venous hemodynamics in the large subcutaneous vein basin.

Materials and methods. Analysis of the examination and treatment results was conducted in 23 patients, suffering the inflow varico-thrombophlebitis in the large subcutaneous vein basin.

Results. Localization, length, borders, level of proximal and distal edges of thrombotic occlusion, and the thrombotic masses character were estimated in a case of the inflow thrombophlebitis diagnosis. Establishment of an acute inflow varico-thrombophlebitis diagnosis have had served the indication for performance of an urgent operation. At the same time, taking into account of the ultrasonographic investigation results obtained, it became possible to elaborate a differentiated tactics for the inflow varico-thrombophlebitis in the large subcutaneous vein basin present.

Conclusion. Following an active surgical tactics for the inflow varico-thrombophlebitis have permitted to prevent effectively the spread of thrombtotic process on the large subcutaneous vein trunk and insufficient perforant veins, as well as to prevent the development of thrombosis in deep veins and venous thromboembolism morbidity. At the same time the operation volume reduction due to the inflow thrombophlebitis presence in the patient gave a chance to preserve the intact subcutaneous vein for possible further reconstructive interventions and to prevent the chronic venous insufficiency development as well.

Author Biographies

S. S. Filip, Uzhgorod National University

Filip Stepan, MD, DSci(Med), Professor
Head of the Department of General Surgery,
Uzhhorod National University,
22 Kapushanska str., 88000, Uzhhorod

V. V. Rusyn, Uzhgorod National University

Rusyn Vasyl, MD, DSci(Med), Professor
Professor of the Department of General Surgery,
Uzhhorod National University,
22 Kapushanska str., 88000, Uzhhorod

І. І. Hadzheha, Uzhgorod National University

Hadzheha Ivan, MD, graduate student
Department of General Surgery,
Uzhhorod National University,
22 Kapushanska str., 88000, Uzhhorod


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