Some aspects of surgical treatment of erysipelas

Keywords: surgical forms of erysipelas; procalcitonin.


Objective. To study the incidence and to determine the main trends of treatment of the erysipelas surgical forms.

Materials and methods. There were retrospectively and prospectively analyzed 114 histories of the patients’ cases, who were treated in stationary in the centre of purulent-septic surgery of the Municipal Hospital No 3 of Zaporizhzhya in 2019 - 2020 yrs.

Results. Mostly often the affection site was localized on the lower extremities. In bullous and phlegmonous forms of erysipelas the most frequent clinical signs of intoxication were general weakness, hyperthermia, muscular pain. In necrotic form of erysipelas the signs of severe intoxication with nausea, regurgitation and confusion were observed. In complex treatment of erysipelas the main principles are antibioticotherapy and early surgical processing of the pathological process zone. Determination of indices of the procalcitonin content in the blood serum gives possibility to estimate progression and generalization of the process and constitutes a sensitive test for efficacy of the treatment conducted.

Conclusion. Radical surgical intervention and timely targeted antibioticotherapy constitutes basic elements of successful treatment for surgical forms of erysipelas, and this position must not be revised. Procalcitonin content in the blood serum constitutes a diagnostic marker, permitting to prognosticate the sepsis development timely.

Author Biographies

L. A. Vasylevska, Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Vasylevska L.A., MD, PhD(Med), Associate professor
Associate professor of outpatient, purulent-septic surgery and ultrasound diagnostics,
Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Wintera blvd., Zaporizhia, Ukraine, 69096,
+38 (061) 213-15-42,

S. D. Shapoval, Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Shapoval Serhii D., MD, DSci(Med), Professor.
Director of the Institute of sepsis
Zaporizhia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Wintera blvd., Zaporizhia, Ukraine, 69096,
+38 (061) 213-15-42,
http: // 0000-0001-8516-9494


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