Investigation of the functional state changes of cardio-vascular system in patients, suffering peritonitis

Keywords: peritonitis; abdominal sepsis; myocardium; electrocardiogram; cardio-vascular insufficiency.


Objective. To study a functional state of cardio-vascular system in patients, suffering peritonitis.

Materials and methods. Analysis of dynamics in the electrocardiogram changes in 166 patients, including 84 women and 82 men, was conducted for studying of functional state of cardio-vascular system in extended peritonitis.

Results. Changes on electrocardiograms were non monotonous and depended on the peritonitis stage. In 28.3% patients diffuse changes in myocardium were observed, while in 43.9% - moderate. In 42.6% patients the disorders in metabolic processes in myocardium were revealed. Changes in conductivity and excitability were noted merely in half of the patients. Hypoxia was observed in 17.7% patients in reactive stage of peritonitis, in 32.0% - in a toxic, in 75.8% - in terminal. Tachycardia in a reactive stage of peritonitis was noted in 77.4% patients, in toxic one - in 89.3%, and in terminal - in 86.2% patients. In terminal stage of peritonitis in 13.8% patients bradycardia was noted. The blood supply disorders of various compartments of myocardium was revealed in 34.4% patients.

Conclusion. Functional changes of cardio-vascular system in patients depends on stage of peritonitis. In all the patients, suffering peritonitis, medicinal correction of the cardio-vascular system work must be conducted, while its intensity depends on stage of peritonitis.

Author Biographies

O. O. Bilyayeva, Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv

Bilyayeva Olga - MD, DSci, Full Professor
Department of General and Emergency Surgery
Shupyk National University of Health of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
3 L. Husara, Kyiv, 03126.
+38 (044) 497-03-72; 063-243-88-27; 050-702-15-12

I. V. Karol, Brovary Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital

Karol Ivan - MD, PhD, Surgeon, surgeon-oncologist
Brovary Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital
14 Shevchenka Str., Brovary, 07400.
+38 (04594) 4-41-55; 096-652-68-93


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