Malabsorption syndrome and changes in concentration of endogenous antimicrobial peptids and cytokines in hepatic echinococcosis

Keywords: hepatic echinococcosis; syndrome of malabsorption; endogenous antimicrobal peptides; cytokines.


Objective. To study the levels of some cytokines (IL-6, TNF-α) and endogenous antimicrobial peptides (zonulin, calprotectin and lactoferrin) in patients, suffering hepatic echinococcosis, and to follow-up their changes in dynamics of postoperative treatment.

Materials and methods. There were examined 29 patients, ageing 35 - 65 yrs old, operated for hepatic echinococcosis. In accordance to scheme of the treatment conducted after laparoscopic echinococcectomy the patients were distributed into two Groups: the first one - 13 patients, who obtained the standard treatment, and the second - 16 patients, to whom, besides the standard treatment, preparation for immunocorrection was prescribed. Antibodies towards the echinococcus IgG, concentration of endogenous antimicrobal peptides and cytokines in the blood serum were studied, using immuno-enzymal analysis in dynamics.

Results. There was established, that in preoperative period in patients, suffering hepatic echinococcosis, high levels of the studied inflammation mediators are revealed, comparing with the indices in healthy persons. Conduction of postoperative treatment promotes a staged lowering of the antimicrobal peptides and cytokines concentrations. Standard treatment is less effective in lowering of the inflammation mediators levels, than combination of conventional treatment with immunocorrection.

Conclusion. In the patients, suffering hepatic echinococcosis, the levels of cytokines and antimicrobal peptides are raised. Combined treatment with immunocorrection after echinococcusectomy leads to significant lowering of the inflammation mediators levels.

Author Biography

K. F. Gasimova, Azerbaijani Medical University, Baku

Gasimova Kamala Faxraddin – MD, PhD, General surgeon
Department of Surgery
Azerbaijan Medical University,
Ismayil Qutqashinli 50


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