Application of vascularized perforant flaps in the hand restoration in electro-thermic affections

Keywords: electric burns of the hand; perforant insular flaps of the hand.


Objective. To improve the results of surgical treatment in patients with deep electric burns of the hand, using local vascularized flaps, based on perforant vessels.

Materials and methods. Analysis of the treatment results in 17 patients, suffering electric trauma of the hand was conducted, the defects plasty was performed, using local vascularized flaps, based on perforant vessels of the hand.

Results. In 17 patients 20 flaps were formed. Application of revascularization procedures have permitted to obtain good results in immediate period in 76.5% patients, and satisfactory - in 13.5% patients, in late follow-up period good results - in 88.2% patients, and satisfactory - in 11.8% patients.

Conclusion. The transplant, owing own blood circulation and locally vascularized flaps, based on perforant vessels, which are formed on non-injured parts of the hand, guarantee the blood supply restoration in the zone of electric thermic affection as well as the wound defect closing.

Author Biographies

A. O. Zhernov, Kyiv’s Municipal Clinical Hospital No 2

Zhernov A. O. - MD, PhD (Med),
Head of Department Burn Plastic surgery
Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 2
13 Krakivska str., Kyiv, 02094, Ukraine
+38 067 25730 38

O. M. Kovalenko, Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv

Kovalenko Olga M. - MD, DSci (Med), Professor.
Professor Department of Surgery No 1,
Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 099 499 45 74

O. A. Zhernov, Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv

Zhernov O. A. - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Professor Department of combustiology and plastic surgery
Shupik National University Healthcare of Ukraine, Kyiv,
13 Krakivska str., Kyiv, 02094, Ukraine
+38 (067) 730 6099.


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