Cytokine and Antimicrobial Peptide Levels in Cholelithiasis

Keywords: cholelithiasis; interleukin-6; tumor necrosis factor-α; zonulin; calprotectin; lactoferrin.


Objective. To study the cytokines and antimicrobial peptides concentrations in patients with cholelitiasis during 1 year treatment before and after the surgery.

Materials and methods. 38 patients with a cholelithiasis were examined and operated in the Educational-Surgical Clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University. According to the treatment regimen after the operation the patients were divided into two groups: patients of the 1st group (n = 17) received standard treatment; patients of 2nd group (n = 21), in addition to standard treatment hepatoprotectors, combined enzyme preparations, pre- and probiotics were prescribed. The control group consisted of 14 apparently healthy individuals. The levels of inflammatory cytokines (interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-α) in the blood and antimicrobial peptides (zonulin, calprotectin, and lactoferrin) in feces we studied with enzyme immunoassay method.

Results. In patients with cholelithiasis of the 1st group, the concentration of interleukin-6 was significantly increased by 5 times (p <0.001), the concentration of tumor necrosis factor-α - by 3.5 times (p <0.001), of zonulin - by 2.2 times (p = 0.012), of calprotectin - by 5.8 times (p <0.001, the concentration of lactoferrin - by 60 times (p <0.001), and in the 2nd group - by 4.8 times (p <0.001), by 3.1 times (p <0.001), on 91.7% (p = 0.011), by 5.8 times (p <0.001) and by 52.8 times (p <0.001) respectively in comparison with the control.

Conclusions. Standard postoperative treatment supplemented by hepatoprotectors, combined enzyme preparations, pre- and probiotics prescription leads to a positive dynamics of inflammatory mediators concentration and its normalization.

Author Biography

K. F. Gasimova, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku

Gasimova Kamala Faxraddin - MD, PhD(Med), General surgeon
Department of Surgery
Azerbaijan Medical University,
German Hospital
Ismayil Qutqashinli 50
+99412 5386660
+99451 5329484


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