Modern approaches to the treatment of retrosternal goiter

Keywords: thoracic goiter; video-assisted thyroidectomy.


Objective. To analyze the results of treatment of patients with retrosternal goiter.

Materials and methods. During the period from 2010 to 2019, 62 patients with thoracic goiter were operated on, which was 6.2% of all patients operated in relation to goiter. There were 48 women (77.4%) and 14 men (22.6%). Age of patients varied from 21 to 87 years (average age - 47 years). Computed tomography was mandatory in terms of research. The size of the sternal goiter and the degree of operative risk were determined by G. Mercante (2011).

Results. In 39 patients (1st group) the operation was performed by cervicotomy according to standard techniques. Video endoscopic support was used in 23 patients, thanks to which in 15 patients (group 2) it was able to cross all blood vessels with the help of an electro coagulator and isolate nerve structures and parathyroid glands. In 8 patients (group 3) there was a massive bleeding after attempts of finger dissection. They underwent tamponade and temporarily stopped bleeding. After that, a video endoscope was inserted into the wound and hemostasis was performed with the help of an electrocoagulation. Bleeding from the surgical wound, which required revision, was not observed. Temporary tracheostomy in the postoperative period was imposed in 3 patients, later it was closed. Hypocalcemia occurred in 12 (19.3%) patients (in 11 it was transient). Transient paresis of the recurrent nerves was observed in 3 patients of the 1st, 2 of the 2nd and 2 of the 3rd groups. Permanent paresis of the recurrent nerve occurred in only 1 patient of the 3rd group. According to histological examination, 21 patients were diagnosed with cancer (19 - papillary, 2 - follicular). They subsequently underwent standard treatment for highly differentiated thyroid cancer.

Conclusions. The use of cervical access with video endoscopic support during surgery for thoracic goiter avoids performing a sternotomy, reduces blood loss and operational trauma, improves the nerve structures and parathyroid glands identification, and reduces the duration of surgery. The use of modern methods of electrocoagulation significantly expands the capabilities of endoscopic techniques.

Author Biographies

V. V. Grubnik, Odessa National Medical University

Grubnіk Volodymyr Volodymyrovich, MD, DSci(Med), Professor
Head of the Department of Surgery No 1
Odessa National Medical University,
26/32 Zabolotny str., Odessa, 65025,
+38 0487500116,,

R. S. Parfentiev, Odessa National Medical University

Parfentiev Roman Sergeevich, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Department of Surgery No 1
Odessa National Medical University,
26/32 Zabolotny str., Odessa, 65025,,
+38 0487500116,,

V. M. Kosovan, Odessa National Medical University

Kosovan Viktor Mikolaiovich, MD, DSci(Med), Associate Professor
Department of Surgery No 1
Odessa National Medical University,
26/32 Zabolotny str., Odessa, 65025,
+38 0503160864, ,

N. D. Parfentieva, Odessa National Medical University

Parfentieva Natalia Dmitrivna, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Department of Surgery No 1
Odessa National Medical University,
26/32 Zabolotny str., Odessa, 65025,,
+38 0487500116,,


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