Comparative estimation of a pain syndrome in patients after combined operations for coexistent pathology of anal channel and rectum with application of modern and standard surgical technologies

Keywords: the pain syndrome; concomitant pathology; anal channel; rectum; combined operations; apparatuses of a high-frequency surgery «ERBE ICC 200», «KLS Martin», «EFA»; apparatus of a radio-wave surgery «Surgitron».


Objective. Comparative estimation of the pain syndrome in patients with concomitant pathology of anal channel and rectum after performance of combined operations, using modern high-frequency electro-surgical and radio-surgical apparatuses, as well as conventional scalpel.

Materials and methods. The results of surgical treatment of 689 patients with concomitant pathology of anal channel and rectum, using apparatuses of a high-frequency electro-surgery and radio-wave surgery, were analyzed, using the pain syndrome estimation on 1-7th postoperative day. The patients were distributed into 4 investigation groups and a control group, consisting of 112 patients, operated on using metallic conventional surgical scalpel.

Results. The pain syndrome on the first postoperative day was mostly expressed in patients of control group, for anesthesia they needed (4 ± 1) ml of 2% solution of promedol, while the patients of the first, third and fourth groups investigated, in which, accordingly, apparatus of radio-wave surgery «Surgitron» and high-frequency electro-surgical apparatuses «EFA» and «KLS Martin» were used, needed for anesthesia (2 ± 1) ml of 2% solution of promedol. While application of the electro-surgical high-frequency apparatus «ERBE ICC 200» the necessity for the 2% solution of promedol for anesthesia have constituted (3 ± 1) ml.

Conclusion. Combined operations, using modern apparatuses of high-frequency electro-surgery and radio-wave surgery give significantly better results, than application of conventional surgical metallic scalpel, because it produces significantly reduced pain syndrome due to thin layer of coagulation necrosis, promoting formation of delicate elastic cicatrix and preventing development of cicatricial strictures of anal channel in postoperative period.

Author Biography

V. V. Balytskyy, National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya, Khmelnytskyi Regional Hospital

Vitaliy Victorovych Balytskyy - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Surgery Department of Faculty of Postgraduate Education,
National M. I. Pyrogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya,
Khmelnytskyi regional hospital,
1 Pilotska str., Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

+0382 65-13-17 ; +38097-235-96-85.


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