Peculiarities of surgical treatment of cervico-mediastinal goiter

Keywords: thyroid gland; nodal goiter; big goiter; compressive syndrome; surgical treatment.


Objective. To analyze a surgical tactics and a component of operative interventions, performed for goiter of cervico-mediastinal localization; to formulate the operative technique peculiarities, which give positive effect.

Materials and methods. Into the investigation the materials of clinical work in 2005 - 2019 yrs were incorporated of Department of Surgery No 2 of the Second Municipal Clinical Hospital of Poltava City, which constitutes a base of the Department of Surgery No 1 of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy. There were analyzed the results of surgical treatment of 530 patients, suffering various forms of goiter.

Results. Basing on data of complex clinic-instrumental and cytological investigations several tactically different operative interventions were performed, the content of which was directly dependent on anatomic peculiarities present. In 155 patients a cervico-mediastinal goiter was present.

Conclusion. In big mediastinal goiter a severe operative situation occurs, necessitating nonstandard surgical decisions making. That is why the neck surgical access of the authors own in accordance to Kocher method was proposed. Extrafascial procedures may prevent some iatrogenic complications.

Author Biographies

O. P. Kovalov, Poltava State Medical University

Kovalov Oleksandr Pavlovych, MD, PhD(Med), assistant professor
Department of Surgery No. 1
Poltava State Medical University

23 Shevchenka Str., 36011, Poltava, Ukraina,
+38 (0532) 56‑12‑40

V. І. Liakhovskyi, Poltava State Medical University

Liakhovskyi Vitalii Ivanovych, MD, DSci(Med), Professor
Head of Department of Surgery No.1
Poltava State Medical Universit
23 Shevchenka Str., 36011, Poltava, Ukraina,
+38 (0532) 56‑12‑40

O. M. Liulka, Poltava State Medical University

Liulka Oleksandr Mikolaevich, MD, PhD(Med), assistant professor
Department of Surgery No. 1
Poltava State Medical University

23 Shevchenka Str., 36011, Poltava, Ukraina,
+38 (0532) 56‑12‑40

І. І. Nemchenko, Poltava State Medical University

Nemchenko Ivan Ivanovych, MD, PhD(Med), assistant professor
Department of Surgery No. 1
Poltava State Medical University
23 Shevchenka Str., 36011, Poltava, Ukraina,
+38 (0532) 56‑12‑40

A. V. Sydorenko, Poltava State Medical University

Sydorenko Arkhyp Volodymyrovych, MD,

Assistant of Department of Surgery No. 1

Poltava State Medical University

23 Shevchenka Str., 36011, Poltava, Ukraina,
+38 (0532) 56‑12‑40


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