Impact of the small bowel impassability on expression of the hypoxia-induced factor-1α

Keywords: adhesive disease; ileus; hypoxia-induced factor-1α.


Objective. Studying of the hypoxia-induced factor-1α expression and peritoneal oxygenation in experimental small bowel intestinal impassability.

Materials and methods. The investigation was done on 18 laboratory animals, in which 62 metrics of direct oxymetry performed with the objective to study the impact of the small bowel impassability on velocity of the mass transduction and partial pressure of oxygen and the hypoxia-induced factor-1α expression, influenced by hypoxia.

Results. In experimental ileus, complete or partial one, partial pressure and velocity of the oxygen mass-transduction in peritoneum were statistically significantly lower, than such in a control, indicating on inhibition of cellular structures, utilizing the oxygen, what promotes the adhesive disease occurrence. Experimental ileus have led to lowering of the oxygen partial pressure in peritoneum by 88% - from 28.7 (in a control) to 3.5 mm Hg (p<0.01). The partial (by 277.8%) and the complete (by 248.2%) experimental ileus was characterized by enhancement of the hypoxia-induced factor-1α expression.

Conclusion. Ileus, accompanied by change in the parietal and visceral peritoneum oxygenation, stimulates the abdominal cavity adhesive process development.

Author Biography

D. A. Kluiko, Military-Medical Institute in the Education Establishment «Belarusian State Medical University», Minsk, Belarus Republic

Dmitry Kluiko - MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Head of the Department of Military Field Surgery
Military Medical Faculty
Military Medical Institute,
Belarusian State Medical University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
83 Dzerzhinsky ave., 220116, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
+375 29 3779667,


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