Dynamics of contractile function of the left atrium in patients, suffering ischemic mitral regurgitation

Keywords: ischemic mitral regurgitation, contractile function of the left atrium, echocardiography, ultrasound investigation


Objective. Estimation of mechanical function of the left atrium in patients, suffering an ischemic mitral regurgitation, using technology of the vector analysis of the endocardium movement speed.

Materials and methods. Into prospective cohort of non-randomized investigation 107 patients ageing (56 ± 7.5) yrs old, 96 (89.7%) of them are men, were included. There were following criteria of selection: the Degrees I-III of ischemic mitral regurgitation by echocardiographic data, angiographically revealed an ischemic heart disease, demanding surgical revascularization, the sinus rhythm with the heart rate frequency from 60 to 89 in 1 minute, the improved echocardiographic visualization of the left atrium endocardium.

Results. The indices of mechanical function of the left atrium are lowering in proportion to degree of severity of the ischemic mitral regurgitation. Longitudinal deformity and speed of the left atrium deformity reflects connection with the ischemic mitral regurgitation more, than conventional indices, applied for estimation of the left atrium geometry. The data obtained witnesses thet comparable ultrastructural changes in atrium, occurring in chronic volume overload of mitral regurgitation from Degree II and higher. The changes and velocity of the atriums deformity may be associated with severity of regurgitation.

Conclusion. Significance of the left atrium mechanical function is associated with the ischemic mitral regurgitation and depends on mechanical remodeling of the left atrium. Studying of dynamics of the left atrium mechanical function in patients with mitral regurgitation may appear perspective and beneficial while doing estimation of its hemodynamical significance and choice of surgical approach as additional intervention on a mitral valve.

Author Biographies

S. I. Musayev, Scientific Centre of Surgery named after M. A. Topchibashev, Baku, Azerbaijani Republic

Musayev Seymur Aydin, MD, Senior Researcher,
Department of Cardiac Surgery
Scientific Center of Surgery named after M.A. Topchubashov, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
+99470 369 11 78

E. F. Gurbanov, Scientific Centre of Surgery named after M. A. Topchibashev, Baku, Azerbaijani Republic

Gurbanov Emin Fahreddin – MD, Researcher
Department of Cardiac Surgery
Scientific Center of Surgery named after M.A. Topchubashov, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
+99450 3186790


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