Peculiarities of application of the CT densitometric indices in the treatment of perforative pulmonary tuberculosis

Keywords: perforative pulmonary tuberculosis, the CT densitometry, surgical treatment


Objective. To determine the possibilities of application of the CT densitometry in treatment of perforative pulmonary tuberculosis.

Materials and methods.The work is based on results of analysis ofpostoperative investigation concerning densitometric indices in pulmonary parenchyma and foci of specific affection in 75 patients, suffering hydropneumothorax.

Results. There was established, that densitometric indices of pleural content, revealed while analyzing of the CT images, permits to differentiate trustworthily transudate, exudate and coagulated blood, and to determine activity of specific tuberculosis inflammation, emphysema and the pulmonary parenchyma density. Significant correlation connection of the infiltration parameters and vascular structures (97% CI) was revealed as well, what indicates on possibility of application of densitometric analysis for estimation of the treatment efficacy.

Conclusion. Application of densitometric indices of CT permits to estimate the inflammatory process course in pathologically changed pulmonary parenchyma, to reveal in it the emphysematic processes and degree of atelectasis in the blocked parts.

Author Biography

E. M. Mayetnyi, Yanovskyi National Institute of Phthiysiatry and Pulmonology, Kyiv

Maietnyi Yevhen Mykolaiovych, MD, PhD(Med), Senior Research Fellow
Department of the Thoracic Surgery
Yanovsky National Institute of Tuberculosis and Pulmonology
10 Amosova str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03038
+38068 353 99 83.


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