The improved principle of hernioabdominoplasty in treatment of the patients, suffering parahernial surplus of tissues

Keywords: abdominal hernias, dermolipectomy, fibrolipectomy, simultaneous hernioabdominoplasty


Objective. Estimation of clinical efficacy of combined dermo- and fibrolipectomies with hernioabdominoplasty in treatment of patients, suffering external hernias.

Materials and methods.The work was conducted on the base of own results of examinations and operating of 56 patients.

Results.Rational principle of surgical interventions in abdominal obesity and other parahernial surplus of abdominal wall was substantiated.There was established, that this surplus have predominantly supraaponeurotic localization and pathometric characteristics in accordance to the hernia dimensions, and the parts of lipid-containing and fibrous-cicatricial tissues in their content.

Conclusion.Application of tactics of the preoperatively weighted simultaneous interventions reduces the local complications of hernioplasty and improves the quality of life and health in various cohorts of herniological patients.

Author Biography

A. O. Kot, National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnitsya

Kot Andrii Oleksandrovich, MD, Postgraduate student (phd).
National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnitsya,
56 Pyrohova Str., Vinnytsia, Ukraine


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