ISSN 2522-1396 (Online), ISSN 0023-2130 (Print)

Published from the year 1921

Publication frequency: 12 times per year.

Founders: Non-governemental organization “Association of Surgeons of Ukraine”, State Institution “A. A. Shalimov National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology”

Certificate of state registration of print media Series КВ № 22539-12439ПР

Issue type: scientific journal.

Issue status: national

Issue language: Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed languages).

Media environment: national-level, foreign.

Target audience: scientists, surgeons, traumatologists, urologists, anesthesiologists, other surgical specialists.

Major objectives: distribution of information about modern national and worldwide scientific achievements, legal and economical aspects of healthcare, organization of surgical care, informing about the ways of implementation in practice of advanced experience of the healthcare institutions.

Field of study and special focus: surgical science

Topics: problems of general surgery, oncology, combustions, transfusiology, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care, orthopaedy and traumatology, surgical endocrinology, urology, cardiovascular surgery, experimental studies, organization of surgical care, surgical rehabilitation, surgical training, legal aspects of surgery, literature reviews, malpractice, difficult clinical cases, work-improvement suggestions, short notices, criticisms, anniversaries, History of Surgery

Registration in Higher Attestaion Commission of Ukraine: Decree of the Ministry of Science and Education No 1413/24.10.17.

Editor in Chief: О. U. Usenko, Prof.

Vice-editors: S. А. Аndreyeshchev, PhD, AsProf., M. V. Kostyliev, Prof.

Luigi Angrisani, проф. (Italy), L. S. Bilianskyi, Prof., S. O. Vozianov, Prof., Martin Fried Prof. (Czech Republic), V. H. Hetman, Prof., O. I. Dronov, Prof., M. F. Driuk, Prof., Ya. P. Zarutskyi, Prof., M. P. Zakharash, Prof., H. P. Kozynets, Prof.,
V. M. Kopchak, Prof.,  O. H. Kotenko, Prof., A. S. Lavryk, Prof., V. V. Lazoryshynets, Prof., John Melissas, Prof. (Greece), M. Yu. Nichitaylo,  Prof., S. Ye. Podpriatov, Prof., A. P. Radzikhovskyi, Prof., S. I. Savolyuk, AsProf., A. V. Skums, Prof.,
Ya. P. Feleshtynskyi, Prof., P. D. Fomin, Prof., I. P. Khomenko, Prof., V. I. Tsymbaliuk, Prof., Rudolf Weiner, Prof. (Germany), S. O. Shalimov, Prof., P. O. Shkarban, PhD.

V. P. Andriushchenko, Prof., Ya. S. Bereznytskyi, Prof., V. V. Boiko, Prof., M. M. Velihotskyi, Prof., V. V. Hanzhyi, Prof., B. S. Zaporozhchenko Prof., I. V. Ioffe, Prof., P. H. Kondratenko, Prof., I. A. Kryvoruchko, Prof., V. I. Lupaltsov, Prof.,
O. S. Nykonenko, Prof., V. V. Petrushenko, Prof., V. I. Rusyn, Prof., V. M. Starosek, Prof., A. I. Sukhodolia, Prof., C. D. Shapoval, Prof., I. M. Shevchuk, Prof.

ISSN Title: Klinichna khirurhiia

Abbreviated key title: Klin. khirurhiia

Address: State Institution “A. A. Shalimov National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology” of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, editorial office of “Klinichna khirurgiia” journal, Heroiiv Sevastopolya 30 st., Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine.

Tel.: +38(044) 4081811

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