Requirements for references

1. Structure of bibliographical reference to the Cyrillic sourse:

  • Authors’ names and initials (transliteration);
  • transliterated name of the article or its English translation;
  • transliterated name of the sourse (journal, conference, year of publication, volume, number);
  • Digital identificator doi (required)
  • for the monograph publisher’s imprint should be given (place of imprint, publishing house, quantity of pages).

2. References list arrangement:

2.1. If the cited article is written in Cyrillic, use Latinic transliteration for its bibliographical description.

2.2. Describe Cyrillic sourses using automatic transliteration systems:

2.3. Edit the references list according to Vancouver stylе standard:

  • remove special signs in transliterated description (“//”, “/”, “–”);– correct the pages name (12 p. instead of 12 s.);
  • add [In Ukrainian] or [In Russian] at the end.

Reference list adjustment

Give the reference list at the end of the manuscript on a separate page. It provides information necessary for finding any sourse which the manuscript refers to. Every quoted sourse must be listed in the references. Alternatively, every quoted sourse must appear in the reference list. 

  • Name of the reference list – References. Centered alignment of the title. 
  • The numbers of the sourses are organized in the same order as they appear in the text. 
  • If the article has from 1 to 6 authors, all of them must be listed through commas. If there are more than 6 authors, the first 6 must be listed and followed by “et al.” in the end. 
  • Shorten the number of pages where applicable (for example, for pages 123-124 list 123-4). 
  • If the publication has a DOI, give it after URL. 
  • Abbreviate month names in the dates of publications, according to the abbreviation rules of the mentioned country.
  • Give abbreviations for journal names. To learn the acceptable abbreviations click the following link: 
  1. English:
  2. Ukrainian: